TROUBLE DOLL [Deluxe Edition] (Digital Album)

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Tom Petty meets Jack White; singer-songwriter Jim Camacho has fused the classic pop ideals of the Beatles with a blend of influences ranging from Leonard Cohen to The Clash. Camacho's sound is described by freelance music writer Forrest Norman as "'My Aim Is True' era Costello without the sneer." After several years fronting the legendary South Florida band The Goods, Camacho released a critically acclaimed solo EP in 2001, "Trouble Doll". He continued his evolution with his sophomore effort, "Hey Hey" in 2003.

Embraced by fans and media alike, in 2003, Camacho was voted Best Songwriter in the Miami New Times. Throughout his career, Camacho's passionate songs coupled with aggressive, high energy performances have consistently attracted a loyal, almost cult-like following throughout south Florida and beyond. Deluxe edition includes 3 previously unreleased tracks.