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The first full-length vinyl release of the complete recordings from the British psychedelic pop group the 23rd Turnoff. This band, born from the ashes of Liverpool Merseybeat band the Kirkbys, features cult singer-songwriter Jimmy Campbell who composed all the songs. Due to only having one magnificent, albeit commercially unsuccessful single to their credit, they were doomed to obscurity - until much later, with discovery made possible by these rescued acetate recordings. Michael Angelo: The Complete 1967 Recordings offers the original thirteen tracks in gloriously restored form, as well as a couple new finds including an entirely different take of "Another Vincent Van Gogh."

This limited pressing includes a printed insert and updated liner notes.
Expected July 15, 2022

Side One

  1. Michael Angelo (Deram Single Version)
  2. Dreaming
  3. Flowers Are Flowering
  4. (Not) A Penny In My Pocket (Demo 1)
  5. I’ll Be Round
  6. Michael Angelo (Demo 1)
  7. Another Vincent Van Gogh (Demo 1)

Side Two

  1. Leave Me Here (Deram Single)
  2. I’ll Be With You
  3. Mothers Boy
  4. You Sing Your Own Song
  5. Michael Angelo (Demo 2 w/ strings)
  6. (Not) A Penny In My Pocket (Demo 2 w/ strings)
  7. Another Vincent Van Gogh (Demo 2)
  8. Lovely Elisa Cope Is Dead

Please note: Does not include digital version due to licensing restrictions.