SKETCH (Digital Album)

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Ex Norwegian Continues Their Dizzying Ascent With Sketch, Their Second Album Sketch Compliments the Band’s Live Shows With Tunes Full of Sonic Surprises and Intense Energy. Ex Norwegian takes their name from a Monty Python routine about a dead parrot and while the tunes head Norwegian Roger Houdaille writes have humorous moments, this is a serious band. “I like to say we play art-rock, because there’s a lot of things happening in the music,” Houdaille says. “The songs tend to be in odd keys, with varying tempos and arrangements that go off in all directions. The lyrics are abstract, or dense, or talking about conspiracies, or ways to improve the world - and girls with moustaches. We’re all over the place.” The first Ex Norwegian song, “Something Unreal”, was posted on MySpace in 2008. A week later, a radio station in Hawaii started streaming the song and the band was invited to perform at the CMJ convention in New York, where they blew the audience away with their stage act. Standby, the band’s first album, introduced Houdaille’s skewed pop vision and their live shows created a groundswell of fan interest. Sketch, their new record, fulfills the promise of... more