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This record is pure Shawn Phillips!

- Bob Ezrin

Shawn Phillips' 2018 album featuring Sebastian Persini on drums, Anthony Crawford on bass, Brockett Parsons on keyboards. Brockett is Lady Gaga's keyboard master and has worked with her for the last 5 years. Guitars were played by Shawn Phillips, Josh Seguin, (they call him Captain Shred) and on the song "C'Mon Round", country-style guitar was played by Jonathan McEuen, the son of John McEuen, founder of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. Danny Janklow played tenor and soprano saxophones.

Shawn Phillips: "Now, here's the thing - these 6 musicians bring a presence of all that is best about every name I've played with at one time or another. That folks, is one hell of a band! What was born of this collaboration is the CD entitled Continuance. I had never met any of these guys before. We never did more than 5 takes on any song. There is a great deal of improvisation throughout this CD. We were all in the same room when recording. I have a golden rule when in the studio with musicians of this caliber - "Don't ever tell the musician what to play". Tell them the lyric, then play them your vision of the basic musical structure and let them add their vision to that. You get magic! This CD is one of the best fusions of rock, jazz, fusion, and classical I've heard. As many of you know, I try to make movies for your mind on my CDs and on this one, every track flows seamlessly into the next track."

  1. Life
  2. The Force That We Call Life
  3. Tribute To D
  4. Man With A Gun
  5. Furious Desperation
  6. C'mon Round
  7. Song For A Thief
  8. Bach To The Fusion
  9. In Grace We Intend
  10. Dancing In Survival
  11. Mirror Of Light
  12. Some Things Will Never Change