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Digitally remastered and expanded two CD edition of the classic 1971 album Hold Your Fire by the legendary Patto. One of the truly great bands of the early 1970s, Patto featured a line-up comprising Mike Patto (vocals), Ollie Halsall (guitar, vibes, keyboards, vocals), Clive Griffiths (bass) and John Halsey (drums). The band arose from the ashes of the group Timebox and recorded their self-titled debut album in 1970. Patto were graced by the presence of the stunning guitar playing of Ollie Halsall and a highly original and unique musical style that set them aside from their progressive rock contemporaries of the era. Hold Your Fire was the band's second album and includes such classics as 'You, You Point Your Finger', 'Hold Your Fire' and 'Air Raid Shelter'. This Esoteric Recordings remastered and expanded edition has been fully sanctioned by all members of Patto and their representatives (for the first time ever) and is now a two CD set with thirteen bonus tracks including five out-takes from the album recording sessions (two previously unreleased) and eight previously unreleased BBC session recordings from 1971 including a legendary session for the BBC Radio One In Concert series in March 1971 (featuring guest guitarist Bernie Holland) and a session for Sounds of the Seventies from June 1971.

  1. Hold Your Fire
  2. You, You Point Your Finger
  3. How's Your Father
  4. See You At The Dance Tonight
  5. Give It All Away
  6. Air Raid Shelter
  7. Tell Me Where You've Been
  8. Magic Door
  9. Beat The Drum
  10. Bad News
  11. San Antone (BBC Session)
  12. Government Man (BBC Session)
  13. Beat The Drum (BBC Session)
  14. Sittin' Back Easy (BBC Session)
  15. So Cold (BBC Session)
  16. Give It All Away (BBC Session)
  17. Air Raid Shelter (BBC Session)
  18. You, You Point Your Finger (BBC Session)
  19. Don't Shoot Me (Hold Your Fire) (First Version)
  20. Give It All Away (Alternative Version)
  21. Air Raid Shelter (Alternative Version)