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Halsall is easily one of the coolest and most under-recognized British artists of all time.

- babysue

Welcome remaster and repackage of British guitarist Ollie Halsall's collection of one man band demos recorded in 1979. It's important to note this is not a 'guitar album' but it is more about Ollie the singer/songwriter, with results that are deeply revealing. These are 3-minute pop masterpieces which owe far more to Lennon & McCartney than to John Cale or Kevin Ayers and the rest of Ollie's more indulgent associations. The original demos fall in such a perfect sequence it is hard to imagine them not being intended as a complete album, which is how they remain presented here. Completing the package is Ollie's self-portrait on the cover. Beautiful, limited pressing on vinyl for the first time. Back in stock!

  1. Hey Hey Little Girl
  2. Come On Let's Go
  3. Back Against the Wall
  4. Crazy When I Fall in Love
  5. Door to Door Daughter
  6. Travelling Show
  7. Lovers Leaping
  8. Stepping Out
  9. You Need a Friend
  10. First Day in New York
  11. Airplane Food
  12. Summertime Kids
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