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Listening to their music is like searching for lost, hidden treasure that hadn’t been open for 20 years.

- Echoes And Dust

This is the 13th album by the ever delightfully irreverent rockers Ex Norwegian. It combines their sweetness with their irreverent wit. Only one song on Spook Du Jour clocks in under three minutes and all of them were written by Roger Houdaille. Typical quirky lyrics combine with bold production to create the most distinct album yet. There is something for everything on this album. From sophisticated rockers like "Thot Patrol" to garage-driven numbers like "Vicious Cycles," the acoustic balladry of "Ciancia" and the underground kraut-rock fueled "For Your Conveniences." Limited black vinyl pressing.

Expected availability October 2022

Side A
1. Teen Bakery
2. Vicious Cycles
3. Ciancia
4. Burn It
5. Airlash
6. Thot Patrol

Side B
1. Paging Lisa
2. Crazy Paving
3. Fresh ATM
4. For Your Conveniences
5. Save For No Future
6. Center Mario

Includes digital download.