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Houdaille is one of those guys who writes songs that sound simple...and yet there are so many subtle hooks and twists going on that you just don't catch 'em all at first.

- babysue

The third album by indie powerpop rockers Ex Norwegian and their take on what they call "music to listen to in your house" features 10 tracks including "Original Copy," "Not A Mouse" and "Initiative Rock."

This is the original Dying Van Gogh Records pressing from 2012.

  1. Ginger, Baby
  2. Original Copy
  3. Not A Mouse
  4. Initiative Rock
  5. Spin Win It
  6. Choice Of Friend
  7. Rearrange It
  8. Join The Fray
  9. Siesta2Tiësto
  10. Tong As In Pete

Includes digital download.