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Virtually every track here is top shelf...

- Ugly Things

Ex Norwegian invites special guests to help create the ultimate tribute to Liverpool's own Jimmy Campbell.

Few copies left!

Side One
1. Yes It Is feat. Joe Kane
2. Forever Grateful feat. Coke Belda
3. Stayed Out Late Last Night feat. The Elms Estate
4. Don't You Ever Think I Cry feat. Jim Camacho
5. Half Baked feat. Rhys Marsh
6. Missing Kissing You feat. John Ford
7. You'll Break My Heart In Two feat. Edward Rogers

Side Two
1. You're Spending All My Money feat. Mark Johnston
2. That's Right, That's Me feat. DC Cardwell
3. Baby, Walk Out With Your Darlin' Man feat. John Howard
4. Flowers Are Flowering feat. Cherry Parke
5. Paris, You're In Paris feat. Rome56
6. When I Cross Your Path feat. Esteban Cisneros
7. Loving You Is All I Do feat. Kevin Robertson

“...may very well be the best thing that I've heard this year...”
-I Don’t Hear A Single

“...a splendid collection and a fine tribute to the great man.”
-Monolith Cocktail

“A pilgrim-like journey to appreciate the talent of a largely forgotten entity.”
-Culture Catch