The Poppermost

One-man’s mission to continue the 60’s Beatlesque pop sound, The Poppermost is the work of Glasgow’s own Joe Kane, who handles all instrument and vocal duties, as well as production duties, all from his garage studio lovingly named "Fabbey Road": a veritable one man beat group sensation!

Utilising an array of FAB instruments, microphones and vintage recording techniques, The Poppermost spin a familiar yet original bunch of future Beatlesque classics which pay homage to the sounds made at Abbey Road/EMI studio two during the greatest era of pop. Gretsches twang, Rickenbackers ring, Hofners plonk and Ludwigs swing!

Kane’s attention to detail is impeccable; the structure and arrangements, the playing, the sentimentality is all there along with the in-jokes, creating songs for every occasion that satisfy your innermost Fab Four desires. The debut album, Hits To Spare, is short, sweet and exactly as they used to make ‘em, doing exactly what it says on the sleeve. For all upcoming release announcements and to find out first about live dates, connect with The Poppermost online at: