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"past forward" is the welcome and highly anticipated release from indie Power Pop Rock group, The Macsters, a work decades in the making. A culmination of melodic journeys that span the group’s experience after having returned from a lengthy hiatus, 'past forward' revisits compositions from the band’s earlier days, merging the energy and innocence of their previous tunes with a nascent creative force evident in the band’s newer material. A multiplicity of style, emotion, and melodic allusion are signatures of this new release which will sneak up and have you singing along to it in no time.

  1. Relic
  2. Ferris Wheel
  3. Another Life
  4. No Surrender
  5. Something New
  6. Justification
  7. Silly Willy
  8. No One Inside
  9. Listening
  10. Floating On A Cloud
  11. Me & You

Includes digital download.