Rogers & Butler

After releasing a well-received EP (Diana Dors) Rogers and Butler (Edward Rogers, Steve Butler) followed it up with their debut full-length album (Poets & Sinners) to rave reviews:

"Sitting firmly in a pop tradition that marries Mick Ronson to Marmalade on some mythical Carnaby Street USA, it’s a seamless pairing and meshing of styles. Brilliant. (4 stars)."
- Shindig! Magazine
"Rogers & Butler‘s new album Poets & Sinners continues their signature melodic rock aided by some of New York City’s best known musicians. There are echoes of Ian Hunter on “Roll The Stone,” George Harrison on “Writing To The Moon” and Tom Petty on “Jump Like Alice” but the LP has a distinctive sound."
- The Strange Brew

With Brighter Day, the duo’s stunning songwriting talents are on full display with a collection of eleven diverse original songs, featuring authentic and reflective lyricism and powerful melodies. Since forming, the duo has played several live shows in the US and toured England with Simon & Vinny Peculiar. They opened for The Zombies on several dates in 2019 and have been invited to open for them again on the band’s Spring 2023 UK tour.