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...another brash affair with sly, bursting late ’60s/early ’70s-pop isms a la Shocking Blue, Wings, Ozark Mountain Daredevils, late The Move/early ELO, and lighter Cheap Trick—a similar draught that animates A.C. Newman and his New Pornographers and a bit of Nada Surf.

- The Big Takeover

The 8th studio album by Roger Houdaille's arcane indie rock band proclaimed "...easily one of the best albums yet by this continually engaging underground pop band." by babysue. With a slightly slicker production than previous releases, the album boasts 11 original tracks full of catchy hooks and quirky lyrics that reprise their love of classic songcraft. Featured songs include "Making Deals", "Team No Sleep" and the triggerable "Triggered Weeknd." Shindig! Magazine: The sun-kissed, turbo-charged melodies of 'Good Intentions' and 'Not A Ghost' recall the likes of Jason Falkner's solo albums."

  1. Good Intentions
  2. Team No Sleep
  3. Not A Ghost
  4. Making Deals
  5. Triggered Weeknd
  6. Right Again
  7. Marquee 1970's
  8. Alt-Cool
  9. So Maybe Next Time
  10. Block
  11. Seldom Sober

Includes digital download.