THE LOST ALBUMS (4CD Clamshell Box)

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Whether the songs are pure pop, soulful or a bit jazzy, you’ll feel a whole lot better after listening to this box set.

- Bash On Pop

Andy Pratt's Lost Albums presents four complete albums originally released between 2010-2014 by the Boston singer-songwriter best known for his 1970s hit Avenging Annie - one of the most ambitious singles of the decade which introduced the world to Andy Pratt's sweet and ambitious brand of pop music. By 1976, he had Rolling Stone magazine boldly claim “Pratt has forever changed the face of rock.” Many artists from that golden era continued on to create uninspired or uninspired work at best, but Pratt is as enjoyable, interesting, and confident as he was back in the 70s, thanks to sympathetic production by Fernando Perdomo. It is a true gift to music lovers everywhere. Contains previously unreleased outtakes and a 16-page booklet housed in a clamshell box.

CD 1        
1. It's Not the End of the World     
2. Take It All Away     
3. Home Of The Brave     
4. Loving You     
5. How Are You?     
6. Close To You     
7. Sing     
8. All The Way Home     
9. I'm All Alone     
10. The Snake Charmer     
11. I Don't Care Anymore     
12. One More Song to Go     
13. Cruel (Out-take)
14. One More Soldier (Out-take)

CD 2        
1. No Yer Not     
2. The First Three Seconds     
3. Rapture     
4. Make Me an Army     
5. Do You Remember Me?     
6. Blame it on The Moon     
7. My Complaint     
8. Slippery Slope     
9. The Grim Reaper     
10. Sail Away     
11. Survivor     
12. Turn The World Around     
13. Don't Worry (Out-take)
14. I Don't Wanna Live Anymore (Out-take)

CD 3        
1. Little Bitty Soul     
2. No Other Way Out     
3. Chasing Shadows     
4. The Way I See It     
5. I'm Gonna Love You Till The Day I Die     
6. With You     
7. On The Way To Heaven     
8. The Sun is My Desire     
9. Not My World     
10. Time To Go     
11. So Good     
12. So Good (Solo Take)
13. Andy's Blues (Out-take)

CD 4
1. This Is Love    
2. Bereft    
3. Can't Stay Mad At You    
4. Flying So High    
5. Kentucky Mountains    
6. Keep Your Head Down    
7. Tomorrow 2    
8. Object Constancy    
9. Hell     
10. Songbird     
11. Everything Is Gone     
12. Walking In The Air     
13. Dog Days And Crazy People     
14. Avenging Annie 2014     
15. Who Am I Talking To? (Bonus Track)

Includes digital download.