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10th studio album by the irreverent rockers Ex Norwegian “merely confirms their command of the art...” as Shindig! Magazine put it. On this limited edition vinyl, Roger Houdaille takes his band on a side trip thru psychedelic fields creating a wonderfully crafted popsike record for the modern age. “This album may very well be the new standard by which all other Ex Norwegian albums are measured. This is about as great as pop music gets in 2020. Super intelligent songs with smart lyrics and infectious melodies. Arrangements that are a perfect fit for each track. Vocals that are light years beyond other artists and bands. And, not surprisingly, the sound quality is superb.” -babysue

Digital album download available immediately upon purchase.

Side One

  1. Fear Backwards
  2. Comfort Sands
  3. Hue Spotter
  4. Bloody Parrots!
  5. You Turn Papers Colour
  6. Something 2020

Side Two

  1. Post Post Malone
  2. Your Mind Is Mine
  3. Not Underground
  4. Night Is Long (As Long As Night)